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Bonaverde goes from farmer to coffee cup with a press of a button

Bonaverde has developed an all-in-one coffee machine that roasts, grinds and brews. The company sees a future where consumers are directly connected with coffee farmers.

Know exactly where your coffee comes from with Bonaverde.
Know exactly where your coffee comes from with Bonaverde. Bonaverde

There are a lot of choices when it comes to coffee, from the roast to the grind to how much of what to put in it. But before any decisions regarding cream and sugar are to be made, there is first the matter of deciding which type of coffee to get. And before that, there is the consideration of where the coffee comes from in the first place. Tying it all together in one countertop appliance is Bonaverde.

Billing itself as the "world's first roast-grind-brew coffee machine," the overachieving coffee maker can not only grind and brew the coffee, but it also roasts raw green beans. And still that's just half the story.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this Kickstarter campaign is the potential for getting the brew from farmer to cup. Looking to connect coffee drinkers with farmers, the company is creating a platform where consumers can purchase their coffee beans directly from the farmer. By creating a farmer community page, the company hopes to build a resource where people can connect with their coffee at the source.

"Consumers want greater transparency in the coffee market across the entire value chain," said Hans Stier, founder of Bonaverde. "Our concept is a complete shift away from the established market. We give our customers complete control over the roasting process and ensure that more money goes to where the most value is generated -- the coffee farmers."

The company seems to relish taking on the disruptor role. In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, Bonaverde crowdsourced the external design of the machine with an industrial design challenge on Jovoto. Considering that the options to grab a cup of coffee are seemingly endless, personalizing the process from end to end seems like a good approach whose time has come to be tested -- and soon to be tasted.