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Boldly sit where no geek has sat before...Captain Kirk's command chair

A life-size replica of Captain Kirk's command chair, inspired by the original Star Trek series, could be coming soon to a home near you.

With all the buzz surrounding the release of the new "Star Trek" movie, here's a little something to remind you of the kinder, gentler, and, yes, cheesier days of the original "Star Trek" series (for those of you old enough to remember)...a replica of Captain Kirk's command chair.

You know you want it. Entertainment Earth

This life-size replica is a dead-ringer for Captain Kirk's original swivel-throne from the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Designed from actual Paramount Studio drawings, the swivel seat is covered in leather while the majority of the chair is made from wood.

The base of the chair is made of heavy iron and includes left and right armrest controls. The controls enable the red and yellow alerts, hailing frequencies, cool lighting, intercom controls, and more. Sound effects are also included--hail, warp speed, photon torpedoes, phasers--as well as quotes from the show, such as: "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise" and "Prepare for attack, all hands Battle Stations".

The chair ain't light, small, or cheap. Captain Kirk's chair measures at 41-inches tall by 42-inches wide by 39-inches deep and weighs a little more than 200 pounds. It will be available as a limited edition of only 1,701 pieces over at Entertainment Earth for a whopping $2,200 in June.

As a bonus, a minireplica of the chair with a mini-Captain James T. Kirk is included with each purchase.