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Boldly go into the playroom with this Star Trek Enterprise rocker

Someday, Starfleet Academy, but for now, your little captain needs to train. This toy is a sci-fi fan's twist on the traditional rocking horse.

Fly off into the final frontier with this rocker.

Etsy/GandG Rockers

Hush little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you, a toy for a nerd. And we mean "nerd" in the very positive way.

The modern sci-fi fan parent needs this Star Trek Enterprise-shaped rocker, custom-made by Etsy seller G and G Rockers in San Diego. The rocker sells for $195 Earth dollars, with an extra $25 if you'd like it painted or stained. Shipping is extra, at least until the day they finally figure out how to just beam it up to you.

The rocker would look great next to a set of Star Trek Barbie dolls made to celebrate the original series' 50th anniversary. It's everything a kid (or adult) needs to play boldly.

(Via Gizmodo)