BOL 1073: Open Android Alliance to fight Google's evil empire

A Google Android mod received a cease and desist for including Google apps in the mod. Seriously? Google may not be a walled garden with a high wall, but it's a walled garden nonetheless.


A Google Android mod received a cease and desist for including Google apps in the mod. Seriously? Google may not be a walled garden with a high wall but it's a walled garden nonetheless. And it's pretty sad when your open-source project gets protested for not being open. We also discuss whether the Dell Latitude Z series is for posers. Or us. Or both. Which makes us posers. Own it, people.

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Anonymous question about RIAA legal winnings

Hi Buzz Folk –

Episode 1072 included some speculation as to why AM broadcast band
reception is seldom included with portable media devices. I think the
problem comes no so much from the receiver technology as from the
antenna requirements.

FM broadcast uses a wavelength on the order of three meters, so a
relatively short whip antenna can efficiently capture the signal. a
three or four foot long headphone cord typically doubles as the
antenna on these devices.

In contrast, the wavelength used by AM broadcast ranges up to 600
meters, so a very short antenna is quite ineffective. If you dig
around the bottom of your closet, find your old AM/FM transistor radio
and take it apart, you will notice something called a ferrite
loopstick antenna. This device makes use of a high permeability
ferrite core inside a relatively small coil of wire to provide
sufficient antenna capture area for these low frequency signals. As
far as I know, there is no way to provide for AM broadcast reception
that does not require a relatively bulky antenna such as the ferrite
loopstick, and this is probably why you seldom find this feature in
portable media players.

You will find a very brief discussion of this type of antenna at:

Great show, looking forward to many more episodes.

William, Metropolis, IL (Hometown of Superman — Really!)


This article talks about a new book “Three Felonies a Day” that makes the premise that the lag between the legal system and technology causes you to commit an average of three felonies per day just by using the Internet.

btw, what is BOL’s e-mail address?


Maurice in New Orleans