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"Body shop" lawyer has no clue



"Body shop" lawyer has no clue

In response to the April 26 Newsmaker, "In the eye of the H-1B visa storm":

It's all very easy for Mr. Chugh to say. Coming from India recently myself (and fortunately not through the body shoppers), I think Mr. Chugh has absolutely no clue on how these agencies work and the nature of false promises and lies they indulge in. While it is one thing that the person coming here through the agency does so on his choice, does this mean that, for example, if the Mafia shoots you, you are to blame for getting shot? ("After all, you are educated and networked...and knew they are the Mafia.")

His argument is so incredibly banal! Surprising your site carried it, but it did provide a perspective on how jaundiced and blinded some people can be.

Ashwin Ramaswamy
Foster City, Calif.