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"Body shop" exploitation



"Body shop" exploitation

In response to the April 26 Newsmaker, "In the eye of the H-1B visa storm":

It is natural for Mr.Chugh to burst as he has lost the case, and may soon find other clients slipping by. But if you examine the issue, it will be very clear that these body shops (or whatever name Mr.Chugh wants them to be called) exploit their employees. They make more than double the money paid to the employees every month.

I don't know exactly how many of Mr. Chugh's clients pay their employees "$5,000," but maybe Mr.Chugh is too busy to fail to note the recent news about hoards of H-1B employees being sent back to their homelands because of the sluggish economy. It's fair to print both sides of the story, but it's better to avoid such mudslinging just because he lost the case.

Elango Thirupathy
Creve Coeur, Mo.