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Odds &amp; Ends

MacInsider mess After disappearing and reappearing, MacInsider now seems to be gone again. According to details published in MacCentral, the reason for all of this has less to due with pressure from Apple and more to do with the fact that this site was secretly run by Computer Plus, a mail order company. Whatever. I don't much care what happens to MacInsider one way or the other at this point. This will (hopefully) be the last time I mention it.

Do your Spring Cleaning this Fall Aladdin has announced the release of Spring Cleaning 2.0 a major Mac OS 8 compatible upgrade. According to their web page, the updater was supposed to be posted yesterday. So look for it real soon.

Book review Bob Moriarty has a review of Jim Carlton's new book about Apple (mentioned here on Monday). Despite its negative take on the company management, Bob says its a "must read." He concludes: "As a long time Macintosh lover, I have always wondered if Apple could survive their own self-inflicted stupidity. After reading this book, I no longer wonder. Neither will you.

AudioTuneUp benefits When Timothy Upleger updated to Netscape Communicator (full version), he noticed that it installed a file called AudioTuneUp. (This is actually an Apple file also included with Apple's 5500-6500 Extras, for example). Whatever its role in Communicator Conference, he was happy to discover that this file also fixed problems he was having with certain games. For example, it fixed problem with sound cutting in and out when running F/A-18.

Apple MultiScan 15 extended warranty extends further We previously reported that Apple was replacing or repairing for free Apple Multiple Scan 15 monitors that had certain display problems, even if the warranty had expired. This was said to be limited to monitors in a certain serial number range. Neil Jensen now writes that Apple appears ready to fix all such monitors that have this problem, no matter what the serial number. He got his fixed (even though it was out of the serial number range) and the invoice stated: "PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Red gun not firing. ACTIONS TAKEN: Apple has extended the warranty on this monitor for tint problems."

Rhapsody on 7500? Several web sites are reporting that the current Developer Release of Rhapsody will run on a Power Mac 7500 or 7600, even though Apple says it is not supported - at least it supposedly will if you have upgraded the processor to a 604e.

Update: Kelly Celmer says it installed successfully on a Power Mac 7300/180.