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Odds &amp; Ends

"Desktop printer unknown" error message Apple has posted a new "hot topic" in its Mac OS Discussion board that describes what to do if you get a message that says: "Desktop printer unknown error "-192" at '18'"at startup. Essentially, it is due to a corrupted print file which must be deleted.

FlashPix plug-in glitch? Theo Maschas was having "a strange problem causing Photoshop 4.0.1 to quit with a Type 25 error, when applying certain of its own plug-ins (such as Grain and Stained Glass) to an image, if and only if the LivePicture FlashPix plug-in for Photoshop was in the Photoshop Plug-ins folder."

Asante EtherTalk 5.6.1 recommended Owen Roth writes that some Asante products still ship with Asante EtherTalk installer v.5.6.0. This version is known to fail to install on some machines. If this happens to you, upgrade to version 5.6.1 (released in August), available on Asante's web site.

Compression Contextual Menu Manager plug-in is now up to version 1.0.3. The revision fixed a bug that caused compression of multiple items to always create multiple StuffIt archives regardless of the preferences set for this in DropStuff.

Mac OS 8.1 has now moved into beta status and remains on track for a December release.

New Gauge utilities Newer has updated its Gauge series of utilities. They are also here in the MacFixIt Download Library.

StuffIt Deluxe 4.5 appears to be officially out.

FileGuard update As predicted here last time, a new 3.0.8 version of FileGuard now appears to be out. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

Riven updater There's a bug-fix Riven 1.01 Updater already. There's also an FAQ. (Thanks, MRP).

Spam Blaster 1.5 Regarding previously reported problems with Spam Blaster, Goo software informed me that the promised 1.5 version is now out in beta. It is not yet on their web site.