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Odds &amp; Ends

ClarisWorks Text import bug fixed Regarding the problem reported last month where ClarisWorks would not import text files if the MacLinkPlus Bridge file was in the Claris Translators folder, DataViz graciously sent me a copy of MacLinkPlus 9.7 to see if that remedied the problem. It did. This was also confirmed by reader Joe Evans.

Spell Catcher and AutoMenus conflict Norm Gilbert writes of a conflict between Spell Catcher 1.5.8 (Casady & Greene) and AutoMenus Pro Shareware PPC V3.2.2 (Night Light Software), confirmed by developers of both programs, although each developer suggests it is the responbility of the other to fix it. Here's how to see the bug: If both of these products are loaded under OS 8, select Preferences from the Spell Catcher menu. Then select the pop-up menu in the upper left hand corner of the window that appears. Your Mac will now freeze.

American Heritage and Charcoal conflict? Mark Polakoff writes: "After upgrading to Mac OS 8.0, when using Softkey's American Heritage Talking Dictionary, words in the search window were no longer visible. The problem turned out to be the system font Charcoal, switching back to Chicago fixed the problem."

Adaptec 2940UW card problems MacInTouch is covering a conflict between Newer's MAXPowr PRO card and the Adaptec 2940UW card.