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<b>Odds &amp; Ends

Odds &amp; Ends

Now Utilities user? GoMac wants you Proteron is seeking Now Utilities users that are disappointed that the package is not Mac OS 8 compatible. They are offering GoMac as a competitive upgrade for $14.95.

OT/PPP Strip 1.0.3 is out. It fixes the bug "that would cause the resource fork of the Remote Access Connections to be closed improperly, resulting in a closed file whose resource map was still in memory."

Jeremy's Control Strip Modules is now up to Release 1.7.2. It adds new features to the Temperature CSM and Application CSM.

No Hands bug Want to access contextual menus with just a mouse click? Get Look Mom, No Hands!. However, the current version 1.3 had a bug in it and was officially withdrawn (although it may still be accessible from the web site). Look for version 1.3.1 shortly. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

Another antivirus merger McAfee Associates (makers of McAfee VirusScan) and Network General have announced plans to combine to become Network Associates. (Thanks, Susan Lesch.)

Power Computing vs. PowerLogix I was one of several web sites to receive a letter from Jon Fitch, formerly of Power Computing, concerning whether or not Power Computing engineers had reviewed the PowerLogix PowerPC 750 processor card (Jon said no; PowerLogix said yes; further clarifications have tried to resolve this). If this matter interests you, other web sites (such as the MRP and MacInTouch) have more details of this dispute.