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StuffIt Deluxe registration error: the cause? Regarding the previously mentioned registration error for StuffIt Deluxe's Magic Menu Contextual Menu, Joseph Carlin writes: "Using ResEdit, I discovered that Magic Menu CM registered itself in my Acme Widgets CM module. My guess is that when you install the Magic Menu CM with an empty CM Items folder, there as no problem. If other CMs exist, Magic Menu adds its registration resource to the wrong CM."

Epson drivers and ColorSync conflict? Several readers (including Denis Pelli and Todd Horning) report thatvarious Epson printer drivers (including those for the 3000 and the 500) conflict with recent versions of ColorSync (2.1.2 or later?).

Third-party contextual menus don't work for some Two readers (Steve Weintraub and Derek Kelly) described the same problem: In their contextual menus, the items that come from third party plug-ins no longer work. They are just ignored. If this has happened to you and you know the solution, please let me know.

Update: As pointed out by several readers, the most likely cause of the problem is that the SOMobjects for Mac OS extension either is not installed or is an out-of-date version.

PowerMenu v2.2 is out Speaking of contextual menu plug-ins, PowerMenu v2.2 is now out.

HyperBox for free Insider Software "announced the availability of HyperBox for free until November 30, 1997. HyperBox, normally $39.95, is a hypertext-based launcher that creates automatic links from any document to other files, applications, and Internet resources."

MacLabelPro and Mac OS 8 Avery Technical Support confirms that "MacLabelPro v1.63 is not designed to work with Mac OS 8."

Micropolis gone Micropolis is out of business, as confirmed in a MacWEEK article.

Norton Disk Doctor version identification Since the reports generated by Norton Disk Doctor are for "System Information for the Boot Disk," it will not provide information about your hard drive if you have started up from the Norton CD-ROM disc (as noted by John Dalmas and confirmed by Symantec).