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Odds &amp; Ends

COS due on November 13? A reader spotted a web page from Omega that says that their rumored COS (Mac OS software "clone") will be released on November 13. I remain skeptical, but I will wait and see.

Newer's MAXpowr PRO & PRO Installer v1.3 is out.

Font Box has returned; Fonts Manager updated Font Box 2.3.5 is now out. Fonts Manager has been updated to 3.7.4. Links are in the Download Library. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

StuffIt 4.5 note A reader notes that, despite reports that StuffIt 4.5 has been released, Aladdin's order department claims that it is not shipping yet (2-3 weeks, ETD). However, they are taking orders for it.

Daylight Savings Time problem solved Russell Hobbie had a problem with his PowerBook where the time kept reverting to Daylight Savings Time even though he kept resetting it to Standard Time. He eventually figured out (with some help from postings on comp.sys.mac.sys) that the problem was due to his use of Location Manager. He was switching between settings for Home and Office - and the Office setting was changing the time to DST!

Speed Doubler 8 helps prevent copy crash? Tim Clabaugh claimed that, at least on his Mac, installing Speed Doubler 8 solved the previously reported Mac OS 8 problems with crashes when copying large files from one volume to another.

Disk Express Pro problems? A reader reports that Disk Express Pro conflicts with Startup Doubler (on a Power Mac 7300 running Mac OS 8), resulting in a freeze when trying to optimize a startup disk. However, the freeze did not result in any loss of data. Meanwhile, on a 68040 Mac, William Millerick keeps getting a Type -51 error when trying to use Disk Express Pro to optimize his disk.

The Startup Delay: final words Okay. This is it. Until someone comes back from Mt. Sinai with the official word as to what is going on with this problem, I intend to drop what has become a too-much covered topic. Two final words before departing: 1) A consensus is emerging as to the likely cause of this problem: incorrect data placed in the PRAM by the OS software (possibly specific to Macs with IDE drives); 2) Several readers report that using Command-Control-Power to restart the Mac immediately after a normal startup has begun, will prevent the startup delay.

Another Apple strategic blunder? Okay. Now we know (via Jim Carlton's new book about Apple) that Microsoft offered to help Apple license the Mac OS back in 1985, and that Apple turned the offer down. Next we learn (via an article in the San Jose Mercury News) that back in 1992-93, before the release of Windows95, Apple had just about completed a project to get the Mac OS running on Intel machines. Again, this project was killed before it ever saw the light of day. It is possible that, if either of these plans had actually moved forward, they might not have worked out as well for Apple as we probably now think they would. However, given Apple's current situation, it is hard to imagine how Apple could be worse off today than they now are.