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Odds &amp; Ends

Zip drive and clacking noise: a follow-up Regarding the previous report on clacking noises in Zip drives and a possible solution, be aware that this will not fix all such problems. There are other possible causes, including a defective cartridge that needs to be replaced. Also, placing the Zip drive in a vertical position can sometimes help.

Power Computing (lack of?) Support I don't want to become a clearinghouse for complaints about customer service. However, I feel obligated to note that I have received several reports of difficulties getting help with Power Computing clones, now that support has been turned over to Decision One. For example, one reader has waited a week for a callback about a logic board replacement; the callback was promised to be within 24 hours. Further calls of inquiry have been unanswered.

Chooser Cache? Jay Swartzfeger noted the following tidbit from the manual for his Faxcilitate software (paraphrased): "Before you select your Fax Printer for the first time in the Chooser, make sure to hold down the Option Command keys as you select the Chooser from the Apple Menu so the Chooser Cache is cleared." I cannot confirm any details about this Cache, but doing as suggested appeared to clear up some problems Jay was having getting the Chooser to remember his serial port selection (Jay also sent this to MacInTouch, which posted this info the other day).

Faxing rotated text with GV modems Speaking of MacInTouch, it has also been covering an issue with problems faxing documents containing rotated text when using the latest version of Global Village's software.

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