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Odds &amp; Ends

CopyPaste 4.0.2 is out. One troubleshooting note: A reader claims that version 4.0.2 "disables the use of those key combinations one is allowed to select or de-select in CopyPaste preferences - even if those combinations are not selected in CopyPaste's preferences. For example, I use Command-Tab to toggle Apple's Control Strip on/off. Even if the Command-Tab combination is not enabled under CopyPaste, it still disallows the use of Command-Tab for the Control Strip toggle."

Update: CopyPaste is now up to version 4.0.5. It supposedly fixes the Command-Tab problem.

Sleeper 3.0.2 (public beta) is now available. Jon Gotow, author of Sleeper, writes that Sleeper 3.0.x appears to work well with G3 Macs. If you are having trouble with using Energy Saver on these Macs (as some users have reported), Sleeper may be a viable alternative.

More on G3 problems Today's MacInTouch has an assortment of items related to problems with G3 Macs.

Drive Setup failure? Paul Griffith claims that, if you select "Zero all Data" as a format option, Drive Setup fails to format your disk. It happened to Paul on a Centris and a Power Mac 7300. I have not had other reports of this as yet.

Connecting online abroad I will be traveling to Mexico (Oaxaca specifically) later this month. I expect to be staying in a hotel that has modem-accessible phone lines in the rooms. I plan on accessing my ISP through a U.S. phone number while I am there. Still, I remain concerned bout what unexpected obstacles I may confront when I get there. If anyone has tried doing this and has some specific advice, please let me know. If it's of general interest to all travelers, I will post it in a future Late-Breakers.