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Boba Fett meets Toblerone, and the sweet result is Boblerone

The Force will not be with your teeth if you bite into it -- it's a resin sculpture, not chocolate.

Bounty hunter Boba Fett never looked so tasty.

Dave Walker

Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett has never looked tastier. British artist Dave Walker, aka Tattoo Dave, decided to blend the iconic sci-fi character with the triangular Swiss chocolate bar called Toblerone, naming the resulting blend, of course, "Boblerone."

"I love playing with names and creating unusual amalgams," Walker said. "I play with the words, sound them out, break them down until an idea forms."

Walker then works with his manufacturing partner, Made by Cooper, to create the final product, in this case, a 3-inch resin statue that has the same triangular shape and nougaty-looking texture of a Toblerone, but with Boba Fett's recognizable look ($31, £25, AU$40). It's on sale now, and will be shipped at the end of April. He also makes patches ($3.12, £2.50, AU$4.o6) and lapel pins ($6.24, £5, AU$8.13 ).

Sorry, the triangular Boblerone bites are sold separately -- not as an entire bar, as shown here.

Dave Walker

This project allowed Walker to work with the image of his favorite Star Wars character. "For me, Boba Fett was just such a cool-looking thing," he said. "I saw 'Empire Strikes Back' in the theater and he has always stuck with me. The fact he gave Vader a bit of attitude made him iconic!"

Fett fans seem to like it, too. "The reaction to the Boblerone resin figure has been wonderful," Walker said.

If a resin sculpture isn't your thing, Boblerone also comes in patch form.

Dave Walker

Previously, Walker has made Milkhouse ('The Simpsons' Milhouse meets a milk carton), Gunter S. Thompson (penguin Gunter from 'Adventure Time' meets Hunter S. Thompson), and Comic Book Nye (Bill Nye blends with Comic Book Guy on 'The Simpsons'), among others.

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