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Bob Kerrey not joining MPAA after all

Talks to hire the former U.S. senator as head of the film industry's trade group fall apart.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey will not take over as MPAA chairman. U.S. Congressional Bioguide

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey won't be leading the Motion Picture Association of America after all, the organization said Thursday.

In a terse statement, the film industry's trade group said the two sides "have agreed to end negotiations regarding the position of chief executive officer of the MPAA. The search process for a new CEO will continue.

The Hollywood Reporter said last week that the deal was all but done. The only thing left to be done was to settle on a start date.

Kerrey, a popular lawmaker and former Vietnam war hero, would have been a powerful hire for the film industry. With the film and music industries trying to get help fighting piracy from the federal government, Kerry might have been an effective lobbyist.

The MPAA didn't name any other potential candidates or when a hire is expected.