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Bob Geldof will be first rock-n-roller to blast into space

The Boomtown Rats frontman and Live Aid mastermind is scheduled to be a passenger on a commercial flight to go see the cosmos up close and personal.

The trajectory of SXC's commercial flights to space. Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

One would think David Bowie, aka Major Tom, would be the first rocker to explore outer space. But, Boomtown Rats frontman and Live Aid mastermind Bob Geldof has beat him to it.

Geldof announced Wednesday that he is confirmed as a passenger on a commercial flight to space with the company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), according to The Telegraph.

"Being the first Irishman in space is not only a fantastic honor but pretty mind-blowing...The First Rock Astronaut -- Space Rat! Elvis may have left the building but Bob Geldof will have left the planet! Wild!" said Geldof, according to The Telegraph. "Who would have thought it possible in my lifetime?"

SXC is a private company that is just beginning to offer commercial trips into space on its Lynx spacecrafts. No passengers have yet boarded the flights; the first trips are expected to launch in 2014.

SXC's missions are expected to last only about one hour as the spacecrafts zoom more than 50 miles through the Earth's atmosphere until they break the sound barrier, reach the point of weightlessness, and then return back home.

All passengers must conduct training sessions in preparation for the flights. Geldof's mission is expected to fly in early 2015, according to The Telegraph.

These one-hour space trips don't come cheap -- the cost is between $95,000 and $100,000. Geldof earned his ticket by performing at a charity auction to help orphans and street children affected by HIV and AIDS, according to The Telegraph.