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Bob Dylan exclusive on iTunes

Bob Dylan exclusive on iTunes

From Digital Music News:

"The Bob Dylan legacy easily predates the personal computer, but the folk superstar is now diving into digital. The singer, a 'personal hero' of Steve Jobs, is offering an iTunes Music Store exclusive on his upcoming album, Modern Times. The preorder is available for $13.99, and album buyers will be eligible to purchase prerelease concert tickets from Ticketmaster. The physical album is slated for release August 29, and iTunes buyers will not have access to their downloads until that date. Dylan and label Columbia Records are also positioning a digital box set, which offers a collection of nearly 800 tracks for $199. Dylan is slated to begin touring in the fall."

I think the editors over at DMN sum it up quite nicely. Bob Dylan fans who preorder Modern Times will also be rewarded with several music videos that will be available on iTunes before the album drops. The integrated deal with Ticketmaster will allow iTunes users to purchase Bob Dylan concert tickets 10 days prior to when they go on sale to the general public on September 9 (although, considering the number of iTunes users, I'm not sure how much of an advantage that is). For more info, check out the full story over at Digital Music News.