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This snake bath isn't exactly soothing

Watch as 10 large boa constrictors are piled atop YouTube star Roi Wassabi in an empty bathtub.

Sitting in an empty bath full of snakes sounds like a plot for a horror film. But for YouTube star Roi Wassabi it's a chance to make a viral video.

In the video, posted on the Guava Juice YouTube channel Friday, watch as professional reptile handlers Brian Barczyk of SnakeBytesTV and Jay Brewer of Prehistoric Pets carefully pile 10 boa species of snakes on top of Wassabi while he attempts to sit calmly in his bathtub.

By "sit calmly," we mean "nervously giggle and scream at the same time." To be fair, not everyone would willingly sit in an empty bathtub while very large snakes are placed on you one by one.

"Believe it or not, there's actually places that charge $100 for snake massages, just like Roi is getting," Barczyk said in the video. "So you're getting a good deal, buddy."

"I'm just pretending they're just giant Twizzlers," Wassabi said in the video. "Don't do this at home. I'm doing this because I have snake experts here to make sure I don't die."

Usually, Wassabi films himself in a bathtub full of cheese balls, slime or even Sriracha hot sauce. But this is the first time Wassabi sat in a bathtub with something that could kill him. It looks like his bravery paid off, as this viral video continues to trend on YouTube and already has more than 1.88 million views.