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<b>Netscape 4.0.4 issues: a reply from Netscape and more

Netscape 4.0.4 issues: a reply from Netscape and more

Regarding previously reported problems with the latest releases of Netscape Navigator and Communicator: I have been in contact with Netscape on this matter and they are working hard to try to resolve these matters, especially the crash on launch issue.

Netscape Preferences As to why removing the Netscape Preferences file fixes the problem for some but not for others, the Netscape people point out that simply moving the Preferences file out of the System Folder is not sufficient. Netscape applications will still locate it and use it. You must actually delete it from your drive (if you want to save it for possible reuse, save it as a compressed file before deleting it). They are also aware of the ObjectSupportLib install problem and intend to fix it soon.

General advice More generally, combining advice from several users who have succeeded in using these updates without problems, try the following:

  1. Startup with Extensions off
  2. Delete all previous versions of Netscape applications from your drive (saving Bookmarks file data if desired)
  3. Install Netscape 4.0.4 version
  4. Delete OSL file (if running Mac OS 8)

Other notes, speculations and suggestions

Internet Config Adrian Rivais claimed that disabling Internet Config solved the Type 2 errors he was getting with Communicator 4.0.4.

Speed Doubler 8 Ron Milewski claims that freezes might be due to a general problem he finds with Speed Doubler 8 causing a freeze when the Mac attempts to create or modify a small file on his Mac (with a G3 upgrade).

User Profile Manager Jim Mangan claimed that launching the User Profile Manager before launching Netscape Navigator 4.04 solved the crash problems he was having.

PPC vs. 68K version glitch? A couple of readers report that, if it seems that you got 68K version of Netscape after downloading the PPC version (as a reader reported here previously), it is probably just a mistake in Netscape's version resource listing. It most likely really is the PPC version.

SX 8300 Lib Margaret Day claimed that deleting the SX 8300 Lib extension got rid of her launch crashes. Others have said to keep this file.

JavaScript Tim Winders claimed that disabling JavaScript eliminated the Type 2 errors he was having on launch