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BMW tops the tech charts (apparently)

BMW tops the tech charts (apparently)

So it's official--BMW leads the pack when it comes to key onboard electronic-technology features. According to the Telematics Research Group (TRG), Bimmers are out in front when it comes to features such as digital entertainment, phone interfaces, driver-assist systems, and telematics. The results were based on research using TRG's Technology Index, a checklist of 30 criteria such as Bluetooth compatibility, voice-recognition capabilities, and audio-system quality. In total, TRG examined all 2006 and 2007 models from 46 automotive brands sold in the United States.

Mercedes-Benz placed second in the rankings, making it a German one-two, followed by Cadillac, Infiniti, and Lexus. Among the top 21 brands recognized for availability and sophistication of new technologies, there was an even geographical split, with seven American, seven European, and seven Asian carmakers sharing the laurels. While we can't argue that BMW has taken a lead with some of its models, we just had a 2006 BMW X5 in for review, and it had a cassette-tape player as its only audio offering. Hardly cutting-edge stuff.