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BMW S1 aviation headphones sound pretty fly

What do you buy the discerning BMW fan who has everything? Some noise-cancelling headphones to go with their new BMW helicopter, obviously.

What do you buy the discerning BMW fan who has everything? Certainly not a car, motorbike or yacht -- nobody's friendship is worth that sort of cash --but how about some uber-exclusive BMW headphones

The fancy BMW S1 noise-cancelling cans have a pretty shameful 0-60mph time, but they should deliver some serious aural pleasure, as they're the brainchild of established headphone conjurer Sennheiser and artistes-at-large BMW Group DesignworksUSA, a wholly owned Beemer subsidiary.

The S1 headphones are designed for aviation use, so don't expect to see any cropping up on public transport any time soon. If you're fortunate enough to own a Mercedes chopper, however, we're sure you'll find their adaptive NoiseGard digital noise-cancelling tech pretty adept at shutting out the noise of the rotors and your entourage partying relentlessly at 30,000 feet.

BMW says the S1s are a comfy fit. Pilots can regulate the contact pressure of the ear cushions via a sliding control on the headband to find a good balance between comfort and snugness, and there's even a 'glasses zone' -- an extra-soft area around the temple area of the headset in which pilots can tuck their shades.

Extra features include Bluetooth 4 wireless connectivity and a control unit with an LED menu system. Sweet.

Those who fancy owning a set better be prepared to dig deep. A pair of Bluetooth-equipped S1s will set you back $1,095 (£670) -- chopper most definitely not included.