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BMW: Out of the garage, into the media room

First high-end home loudspeakers were developed with Klipsch.


It's one thing for automakers to focus so much on technology inside the car, but sometimes it seems that they're spending an inordinate amount of time putting their nameplates on products that have nothing to do with the road. The latest example is BMW's co-branding of the Klipsch "Palladium P-39F," marking its entry into the high-end home speaker market.

These monsters stand 5 feet tall and sport a zebra-grain veneer, finished with a brushed-aluminum base. They have an exceptionally sleek appearance thanks to their flush-mounted horns and cones, according to Luxurylaunches. True to its namesake, the BMW loudspeakers come at a premium price as well: $15,000 a pair. And why not? Ferrari has put its logo on a tower system that goes for $20,000. Even at those price levels, they make more sense to us than a $600 BMW coffee maker.