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BMW designer takes a stab at the desktop

BMW's DesignworksUSA team reinvents the desktop chassis

While not quite as revolutionary as Asus' modular PC concept from a few years back, BMW DesignworksUSA's Level 10 case for ThermalTake is a far cry from any other desktop chassis we've seen recently. Apparently, the Level 10 actually exists, too--at least according to the illicitly snapped shots from ThermalTake's CeBit booth by the Inquirer.

The Level 10 concept case for ThermalTake by BMWDesignworks USA seems to actually exist. BMW Group

As you can see from the image, the Level 10 gives each PC component its own molded enclosure. We have no word on specs, availability, or price, although it appears to adhere to standard ATX motherboard design. You can read the full press release from BMW DesignworksUSA for the thought-process that went into the Level 10.

Assuming the Level 10 will make its way to retail, you will likely find it available as a standalone product, as well as from system builders like AVADirect, ABS, and others which typically build their PCs from off-the-shelf parts. Those vendors are usually anxious to adopt unique components, as we saw with AVADirect and the CoolerMaster Cosmos line last year, and we imagine the Level 10 will be hard for them to resist as well.