<b>More Surf Express issues

More Surf Express issues

Updater causes Netscape icon to vanish Nearly a dozen readers have reported that, after installing the Surf Express 1.1.1 Updater, the animated Netscape icon (in the upper right corner of the Netscape web browser window) disappears. If you open a new window, the icon may re-appear.

Conflicts? Ed O'Briant claims that Surf Express 1.1.1 and GoMac 1.4.4 conflict; GoMac features would not function. Omar Shahine claims that BBEdit 4.5.1 freezes on launch with Surf Express 1.1.1 installed.

Update: John Jones says: "Turn of the "Hide programs after switch" feature in GoMac 1.4.4 and SE 1.1.1 will work fine."

Update: Omar Shahine has since found that "BBEdit no longer crashes when I disable the hide other applications in my One Click Task Bar. Sounds like Surf Express does not like you to use the hide other apps features in GoMac and OneClick."

URL Manager Pro conflict fixed Alco Blom notes that Surf Express 1.1.1 fixes a bug that made Surf Express 1.1 incompatible with URL Manager Pro.

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