<b>More news on blinking question mark problems

More news on blinking question mark problems

MacTools Pro repairs blinking question mark problem? Rodney Simon claims that he was able to repair his PowerBase 240 that had the now infamous corrupted partition and blinking question mark at startup by using MacTools Pro, even though Norton Utilities and Disk First Aid were unsuccessful. He set up Mac OS 7.6 on an external drive to run MacTools.

Blinking question mark and Energy Saver On a related note, Benjamin Fiore had blinking question mark problems in Mac OS 8 that only occurred after a restart following waking his Mac 7300 up from sleep mode. He found that disabling the Energy Saver extension (or setting its auto-sleep time to Never) got rid of the problem. He claims that Apple has acknowledged this conflict with Energy Saver in Mac OS 8.

New info on the 1.2 Gb blinking question mark issue Previous reports of a blinking question mark specific to 1.2 Gb drives on certain Macs noted that the problem was due to a firmware bug and that a firmware updater would be released soon. A September 10 note on Apple's Discussion Board now says: "A firmware updater will not be released to service providers, a problem was found making the application, and we decided to just have the drives replaced. If your provider is not aware of this issue affecting 1.2 Gb drives, please have them either call Apple's dealer tech support, or check online in the Service Source Online area (a private web site for Apple dealers)."

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