<b>Microsoft Internet Explorer problems

Microsoft Internet Explorer problems

Records are made to be broken. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 has set a new one on MacFixIt: more reports within the first few days of its release than I have received for any other single application. Unfortunately, most of the reports have been negative.

Crashes, freezes, unexpected quits, out of memory The most common complaints, as mentioned here previously, involve crashes (Type 2, Type 3, and more), freezes, unexpected quits and "out of memory" error messages. Problems exist both with Explorer itself and with the Outlook Express companion program. In addition to the work-arounds suggested in the previous item, here are some more tips:

Les Dodson got the message "The preferences file could not be opened. An error has occurred." whenever he launched Outlook Express. He eventually determined this was due to the fact that MIE installed InternetConfig 1.4 and he had been using version 1.3. Deleting all traces of 1.3, including its preferences file, fixed the problem. Alan Foral claimed that MIE modified his InternetConfig preferences, even though he selected not to install the software (and these modifications caused problems with his use of Navigator).

Update: Just removing the InternetConfig RandomSignatures extension should solve this (thanks, Rick O'Leary).

Several readers linked problems to the Text Encoding Converter 1.3.1 file installed by MIE. Reverting back to the 1.3 version (included with Apple's MRJ 2.0) or even earlier versions, fixed the "out of memory" problem.

Geoff Chapman attributed his unexpected quit from Outlook Express to RAM Doubler 2.0.2.

Jerry Kindall found crashes linked to using contextual menu plug-ins - in particular one called "Path/URL."

John Moe writes that the conflict with Net-Print is fixed by updating to the latest version (8.0.4).

One reader got a Type 41 crash while using MIE and was then unable to restart. I had a similar problem. I had to reinstall a fresh copy of the System file and the Finder before I could startup from that disk again. Several preferences files were also corrupted. My suspected culprit?: the copy of ObjectSupportLib that appeared to be installed by MIE. This file is known to cause problems in Mac OS 8.

Update: Several readers state that OSL is not installed by Explorer. So maybe the file wound up in my System Folder via some other installer that I ran recently. However, one reader concurred that it was installed by Explorer. I will try to determine this for sure.

A couple of readers suggested that accepting MIE's option to import Netscape Preferences may be a bad idea. Doing so seems to increase the probability of problems developing.

A couple of readers solved their freeze/crash problems by following the advice in the Release Notes, specifically to remove the Explorer folder from the Preferences folder (retaining the Favorites file).

Several readers claimed that problems are more likely if you use the new Active Web Installer technology to install the software from Microsoft's web site. Better to do it the old-fashioned way.

PowerBook crash Adam Cederblom writes: "I'm running Mac OS 8 on a PowerBook 1400. During the download, when the screen dims, the setup program crashes. Turning off screen dimming prevents this."

NetShow clip glitch A reader claims that if you try to connect and launch a NetShow clip from within Explorer, you will get an error message that you do not have the required plug-in, even though NetShow is properly installed.