<b>Microsoft Internet Explorer: 128 bit version does not work on some servers; follow-ups to previous item

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 128 bit version does not work on some servers; follow-ups to previous item


Continuing with reports of problems with the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, as covered last time:

128 bit version problem; a reply from Microsoft Omar Shahine contacted Microsoft stating that: "IE 128-bit encryption version of IE 4.0 does not work. I updated and no sites recognize the 128 bit key size." He received this reply from Microsoft: "We have discovered a problem using the 128 bit version of Mac IE 4.0 with some secure servers. The problem seems to be when the server tries to use the strong triple DES cipher. The problem seems to be server specific, so some will work properly and some will not. We are currently working on a fix for this from our end and a new 128 Bit installer should be available for download very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Occasionally, you might see what seems to be an error with the 128 Bit encryption when it is actually the server not recognizing the browser or version. Some secure servers sniff to see which version of which browser you are using. If they don't recognize the browser or version, they don't allow you in. This can occur because Mac IE 4.0 just came out and hasn't been added to the approved browser list for some sites." (Adam Frix and Chris Hagberg also reported this.)

ObjectSupportLib I have not yet tried reinstalling Explorer to see if it reinstalls ObjectSupportLib or not. Readers remain split about this: some say Explorer does install OSL (even in Mac OS 8); some say it does not. Perhaps it is inconsistent for some reason. The most definitive reply I had was from Richard Kruenege: "MIE 4.0 does in fact install OSL. I installed Explorer and then had Conflict Catcher list files by date installed, OSL was listed at the top of the list along with all of the other stuff MIE installed."

NetShow glitch explanation Robb Albright notes that the explanation for the problem of the NetShow plug-in not working can be found "buried" on the Microsoft web site where it states that "only the Windows version can play inline movies, other platforms must use the standalone player."

Explorer and Internet Address Detectors A reader claims that " the 'Open with Explorer' action is not recognized by IE 4.0 Final. I know the ADD action looks for version 3.0, but I was using that same action with the preview version of IE and it worked fine. All you had to do was select 4.0 instead of 3.0; however, that no longer works." Another reader, Raja Hornstein, confirms this.

Outlook Express and Kaleidoscope Chris Breen reports that some dialog box buttons in Outlook Express do not work properly when Kaleidoscope 1.8 is active.

Outlook Express and preference settings David Foltz claims that Outlook Express "keeps downloading messages I've already read even though I have 'do not download previously retrieved mail' checked in the advanced options." A reader on MacInTouch reported a similar problem with Express's "Mark as read" newsreader function. Could deleting preferences files perhaps fix these glitches?

Outlook Express binary files and Temporary Items folder glitch? Nathan Duran claims "If you use Express to download any newsgroup posts containing binaries of any sort, it stores copies of them in your Mac's Temporary Items folder. Apparently, it never cleans up after itself, because when you go to shutdown or restart, the Finder crashes as soon as it tries to empty the folder."

Online review Various issues with Explorer are covered in an online review.

Explorer/Express still a beta product? Last time, I offered the opinion that Internet Explorer 4.0 performed more like a beta version than a final version. It appears that I may have been more accurate than realized. Cari D. Burstein writes: "I talked to the MIE guys at MacWorld. They basically admitted to me that MIE should have done another preview/beta release yet, and that the only reason MIE was released in the current state was to get it out in time for MacWorld." Also, an Outlook Express beta tester says that the version shipping with MIE 4 has exactly the same number as the last beta version he received: "4.0a (190)."

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