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BMC widens support for Linux

The management software maker announces a new version of its Deployment Manager for Linux software Tuesday, as well as increased support for enterprise Linux software.

BMC Software announced a new version of its Deployment Manager for Linux software Tuesday as well as increased support for enterprise Linux software.

The management software maker said the move stands as evidence of its continued commitment to supporting the four phases of Linux management production: planning and server consolidation, deployment of Linux application software, infrastructure management and service management.

BMC is one of a host of companies eager to support Linux now that the operating system is gaining wider acceptance among business customers. On Monday, BMC unveiled a Linux-focused Web site called as part of its bid to accelerate adoption of the operating system.

"One of the biggest challenges for the IT industry is the lack of available tools to ensure the stability and optimal performance for the Linux operating systems," Lori Allen, vice president of Linux Solutions at BMC, said in a statement. "Businesses are consolidating databases, Web application servers and file and print servers to Linux and they need comprehensive management of these solutions."

BMC reported that its new Deployment Manager for Linux version 1.2 offers users the ability to manage in-house Linux applications and enable disk sharing for the IBM Virtual Memory environment. The company said it also expanded Linux infrastructure management support through new versions of its SmartDBA Performance, Administration and Recovery products for Linux.

In addition, BMC added product support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 to its management applications lineup.

In a separate announcement, BMC announced new versions of its SmartDBA data management software supporting Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Company officials said that release would provide database administrators with a single console, monitoring and diagnostics package for the widely used distributed databases.