<b>Mac OS 8 due next week; &quot;Troubleshooting Mac OS 8&quot; page started

Mac OS 8 due next week; &quot;Troubleshooting Mac OS 8&quot; page started


Mac OS 8 is expected to be released next week (July 22). You can already order it from Claris. The minimum price (without any optional third-party bundles) is $69.00 in the U.S.

Following tradition, MacFixIt will be providing up-to-the-minute postings of troubleshooting information on the new OS, as soon as readers start sending in their reports (so get your typing fingers in shape!). Anticipating this, I have already created a Troubleshooting Mac OS page. There is very little on it right now, but its content is sure to grow soon (reports such as the next item will be added to it after being posted here). Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, MacSurfer's Headline News has "a comprehensive link list to all things MacOS 8 oriented including reviews, official Apple press, software, and other tidbits leading up to Mac OS 8's release."

You might want also want to check out MacOS8.com, a web site devoted to the new OS. MacUser and Macworld both have feature articles on Mac OS 8. The Macworld article lists what it believes to be the five most significant features of the new OS. They are:
1. Spring-loaded folders; 2. New Finder menus and views; 3. Context-sensitive pop-up menus; 4. Multithreaded, PowerPC-native Finder; 5. 3-D appearance.

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