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<b>Mac OS 8.1 miscellany

Mac OS 8.1 miscellany

Netscape crashes Regarding the previously reported problem of Netscape browsers crashing on launch after updating to Mac OS 8.1, Mauro Santos claimed this only happened to him when he had Apple's virtual memory enabled.

Update: Others have claimed the deleting Netscape's Preferences file fixes the problem.

File sharing cannot be enabled Regarding the inability to enable File Sharing (reported by some users last time), Al Tucker noted that the 8.1 Installer "had blitzed my computer name in the File Sharing control panel. Restoring that fixed the problem."

RAM disk disappears I know not everyone has this problem, but many users have reported that the RAM Disk option has disappeared from their Memory control panel after updating to Mac OS 8.1. One user sent me a screen shot showing this with Memory 7.5.9.

Mac OS 8.1 and Retrospect: All systems go Michael Hill asked Dantz and compatibility between Retrospect and Mac OS 8.1. They told him that "Retrospect 4 should be fully compatible with both 8.1 and HFS ."

Click There It Is 1.0.8 is not compatible with Mac OS 8.1, according to most reader reports (although a few users report no problem with it). Version 1.09b1 appears to work. (Thanks, Roy Chua and Robert Hammen).