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Bluetrek X2: A Bluetooth headset for British weather

After many years of making Bluetooth headsets, Bluetrek have finally made a device that will stand up to choppy weather and deflect splashes like a seal's belly

Sometimes for absolutely no reason at all, other than pure curiosity, Crave likes to go out in the pouring rain with all its gadgets and see what happens (don't try this at home, folks -- testing the water resistance of electronic equipment is a dangerous business that should be left to experienced journalists).

Most of the time our tests end badly... foggy SLR lenses, broken HD TVs and damp mobile phones. However, there are those times when manufacturers beat us to it and purposely build water-resistant devices.

According to Bluetrek, the X2 is the first water-resistant Bluetooth headset. It weighs a mere 15g, supports Bluetooth 1.2, has an operating range of 10m and lasts an estimated 500 hours on standby with 14 hours' talk time.

The possibilities are endless. You could enjoy conversations with your boss during your morning shower. If you're adventurous, you could waterski and talk to your mum and dad about what you had for dinner last night. More prosaically, you could talk in the rain while your mobile safely resides in your pocket.

The Bluetrek X2 is available in the UK in March for £59, a relatively small price to pay for hours of fun in the rain. -AL