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Bluetrek wants you to look good on the phone

Bluetooth headset gets fashion line.


Those of us who were born with apparently misshaped aural canals have an automatic appreciation for manufacturers like Bluetrek, which have at least made an attempt to offer earphones that won't fall off every few seconds. So even though we've never been huge fans of fashion headgear, we're willing to cut them some slack for their new designer headset line.

The "Sugar" Bluetooth series--which includes "Sugar Diamond, Black Diamond and Black Silver," according to Pocket-lint--adds some substance to its looks with seven hours of talk time, 10.5 days on standby, and a voice alert that warns when the battery is getting low so you won't get cut off in mid-call (unless you want to be).

The design is actually fairly attractive in its own right, reminiscent of some USB drives by S.T. Dupont. And needless to say, we were relieved that they steered clear of the demon Swarovski and the evil Kitty.