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Bluetrek headset claims to be world's thinnest

It partners with ModeLabs, phone maker to the stars.

Headset Gazette

ModeLabs is perhaps best known for designing phones branded by a diverse array of international retailers, including Christian Dior, Hummer, Tag Heuer, and Levi's. But like many phone manufacturers, it has fallen under the spell of trying to tout the smallest of something or another.

In this case, it has partnered with Bluetrek to offer the "Metal" headset, a Bluetooth gadget that is claimed to be the world's thinnest at just 0.16 inches thick, according to Gizmodo. Despite its tiny stature, the companies say the Europe-bound headset will still get five hours of talk time and seven days on standby.

Bluetrek has already made something of a reputation for experimenting with various features and forms, whether it be a built-in touch screen or wrap-around earbuds. So it should be noted that, as impressively thin as the Metal may be, it's still no spork.