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Bluetoothing your speakers--Ask the Editors

CNET digital audio editor Jasmine France answers a question about connecting a Bluetooth laptop to non-Bluetooth speakers.

Q: What is the best all-around Bluetooth speaker adapter if I want to connect my laptop to some good speakers that are not equipped with Bluetooth?--Tom, via e-mail


A: What you would want is a Bluetooth receiver, which can be a challenge to find; actually, we don't review them at all at this time, so I can't give you a personal opinion on any specific product of this kind. Generally, I get questions from people who are looking for a Bluetooth transmitter, which will allow you to connect a non-Bluetooth audio device with headphones or speakers that do have the technology built in.

In fact, many of the Bluetooth "receivers" I've come across in my search are actually mislabeled transmitters, so you'll want to pay particular attention to the feature and spec listings when searching for this product. However, it looks like the GE Bluetooth Home Stereo Transmitter and Receiver would do the trick. It won't come cheap--the unit will set you back about $100--but if you really want a no-nonsense wireless set-up, it's probably a safe bet. (I welcome other suggestions--please comment below.)