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Bluetooth updates to the Razr V3c?

Bluetooth updates to the Razr V3c?

Confusion is reigning on the cell phone blog sites regarding a new firmware update to Verizon's Motorola Razr V3c. While some sites are reporting that firmware update .04 enables Bluetooth OBEX transfers on the V3c, posters on Howard Forums are disputing the claim completely. Rather than enabling OBEX, the posters say, update .04 just doesn't remove it if you have it already. Although Verizon is notorious for disabling Bluetooth file transfers on its handsets, early Razr V3cs owners can tell you that OBEX transfers were active in the initial release of the phone. Indeed, we were able to transfer files via Bluetooth back in December on our V3c review phone, which had the original firmware (version .02). Yet, it seems the next firmware release (version .03), which was introduced earlier this year, actually removed the active OBEX codes. So according to Howard Forums, users who upgrade from .03 to .04 will notice no changes in the Bluetooth support. But users who upgrade from .02 directly to .04 simply will keep the OBEX capability they have already. At the moment, I can't confirm who is correct, so I can only caution V3c owners to do more research before they get too excited. One more thing: While .04 is now available in Verizon stores, some posters are saying that's not quite true. Be sure to call your local store before making the trip.