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Bluetooth speaker runs on the power of a single candle

The Pelty ditches cords and batteries and instead harnesses the energy from fire to make your audio audible.

Pelty speaker
Make your next candlelit dinner more musical. Pelty

If you ever dreamed of playing "Light My Fire" with real fire, the Pelty Bluetooth speaker on Indiegogo is for you. The Pelty gets its name from the Peltier effect, the phenomenon that powers the speaker. It converts the heat from a candle into electric energy using a thermo-electric generator. No batteries or charging cable are required.

The Pelty is positioned as an elegant alternative to regular Bluetooth speakers, which often take the form of plastic cylinders. It's made from ceramic, wood, and glass. It's ready to connect to your music player only a few seconds after a candle is lit inside the device and it can run for as long as you have candles to power it.

The regular pledge price for a Pelty is $269 (roughly £158, AU$286), though lots of discounted early-bird slots are still available. If you were thinking the Pelty sounded intriguing and you might want one, you most likely decided to pass the moment the price tag showed up.

Regular Bluetooth speakers can be picked up a for a song. Is a candle-powered version worth that much more? The cost elevates the Pelty into the realm of luxury items. If you have the money to burn, so to speak, then it would definitely be the sort of gadget you could use to impress your friends or take your next glamping trip to the next level.

The Pelty is aiming for a $100,000 goal and is only a little over $5,000 toward it, but there are still 46 days left on the flexible-funding project. If you do buy one, you should definitely give in to the temptation to create a themed playlist containing Arcade Fire hits, "Ring of Fire," "We Didn't Start the Fire," and "Play with Fire."