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Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speaker deal: JBL Charge 2+ for $65

Harman Audio is selling factory-recertified versions of its highly rated Charge 2+ speakers for less than Amazon.

If you're looking for a deal on a pint-size Bluetooth speaker, Harman Audio is selling factory-recertified JBL Charge 2+ speakers for $65 on its site in a variety of color options, with a limit of two per customer. That's $15 less than what it costs to buy a recertified Charge 2+ on Amazon. (You can get a new yellow one on Amazon for $80).

The speaker is splashproof, not waterproof like the JBL Charge 3, and has been out for a few years. However, as I noted in my review of the Charge 3, I actually thought the Charge 2+ sounded better.

JBL's $100 Flip 4 ships on March 3. However, that model doesn't have a USB output for charging devices.

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