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Bluetooth headset gets touchy

The touch-sensitive trend scores anothe win.


When we saw a touch screen recently on an external hard drive, we knew there'd be no stopping the touch revolution. The latest category to succumb to the trend is the Bluetooth headset.

Developed for mobile phones and PDAs, the Genius BT-031 has a built-in touch-sensitive panel and slide control to adjust volume, according to Gizmag, as well as a wireless range of up to 30.

We appreciate the efforts of Genius, which is always trying something different, but we often find ourselves dubious about some of its achievements. (Witness the solar-powered keyboard, hybrid speaker-camera, and combo mouse VoIP phone.) And here again, we're not so sure about these headphones: We have a hard time imagining a touch slide that's easy to use for something as sensitive as volume--they might blow out our eardrums with one false move.