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Bluetooth headset bypasses the mouth

Microphones are "strategically placed" next to the voicebox.


We keep hearing that body conduction technology is the way of the future, usually in the form of sending soundwaves through bones, though some extremists apparently would like to turn the human race into walking routers. Usually the technology manifests itself as some kind of passive skull-vibrating headset, even under water, but rarely does it involve any kind of voice application. Now, after viewing the photo accompanying this item, we may know why. The "Roadrunner" Bluetooth headgear may indeed be effective when talking in a crowded room or in a convertible with the top down, as Gadget Review suggests, but you'd look like some kind of Borg while doing it.

Its microphones are "strategically placed next to your voicebox"--which sounds even creepier--to minimize background noise aboard your alien vessel. For terrestrial use, it would be a perfect complement to the "Light Head Magnifier" to complete the ultimate date-repelling ensemble.

(Source: Gadget Review)