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Bluetooth geeks

Bluetooth geeks

I admit I have a love-hate relationship with Bluetooth headsets. I love them because they're practical gadgets that can improve your calling experience. But I hate how they look when worn. Even the smallest headsets, such as the Jabra JX10, just make a person look like a geek. This is especially true when people wear their headsets in public when they're not on the phone. I've seen headsets--molded to ears--in restaurants and bars, on the subway, at parties, and even at jury duty. Come on, people, you're not in a sci-fi film! Is it really that hard to keep it in your pocket before you make a call? Yet, the worst was last weekend when I saw a couple walking hand in hand while wearing matching Jabra BT500s. That was just too much. So like I said, Bluetooth headsets undoubtedly serve a purpose. But they're not meant to be worn like earrings.