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Bluetooth game controller said to be for Amazon set-top box

The purported Amazon game controller looks awfully bulky and includes the familiar "A," "B," "X," and "Y" action buttons.

Will Amazon's rumored set-top box come with this Bluetooth game controller? Dave Zatz

Amazon's streaming set-top box could feature a game controller, according to a new report.

Amazon has reportedly been planning to launch a set-top box for the last several months. More evidence to that effect cropped up on Friday in Brazil where an FCC-like government agency revealed images of an Amazon game controller. That listing, discovered by Zatz Not Funny, shows an all-black controller feature four actions buttons, two thumbsticks, and both triggers and bumper buttons. The controller also includes a directional pad and connect via Bluetooth.

Amazon was reportedly planning to launch a set-top box last fall, but backed off the release. Zatz's sources contend that the launch might actually happen in March or April.

If and when the set-top box launches, it's expected to feature a heavily modified Android operating system and include several streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. It's not clear how gaming will be integrated with the device, but Zatz speculates that it could work with Amazon's digital-delivery GameCircle service.