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Bluetooth 2.2 is likely 3.0 instead

Mistakes in a recent analyst report prompted the Bluetooth SIG to respond, stating that Bluetooth 2.2 will not be out, but 3.0 is likely to be the real successor technology.

Bluetooth 3.0 in the works?
Bluetooth 3.0 in the works? Bluetooth SIG

Last week, we posted a story that Bluetooth 2.2 is to be released in mid-2009. We received a follow-up call from Bluetooth SIG informing us that it was inaccurate, and that the IMS Research analyst report was a little misleading. Well, now Wireless Week has an article quoting Bluetooth SIG's Mike Foley as saying that the next version of Bluetooth will likely be 3.0 instead of 2.2, and will sport faster overall speeds and connection times.

We also received a follow-up e-mail from IMS Research that said that 2.2 will offer faster data rates, but Bluetooth 3.0 (or High Speed Bluetooth) is the true upgrade due to support for WLAN and UWB (known as Bluetooth 10x and Bluetooth 100x, respectively). No word on the release of Bluetooth 3.0 (mid-2009 seems to be a mistake as well), as they're still working on it.

We made a call to Bluetooth SIG to confirm these facts, but have yet to receive a reply. We will update this entry if we hear anything different.

(Via PhoneScoop)