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BlueStacks teases tech that lets you play your Android games on your TV

Who needs a Wii U? BlueStacks mobile gaming technology could obviate the need for game consoles altogether.

Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Get this: Soon you'll be able to play all of your Android device's games on your PC or television using the phone as your controller.

The experience will be brought to you to by BlueStacks, makers of an Android app player for porting mobile apps to PCs. During a CES session on disruptive technologies impacting the future of games and videos, BlueStacks slightly lifted the veil on its living room-altering gaming technology.

With the pending product, demonstrated during the session, people will be able to pair an Android smartphone with a PC, Mac, or TV to play their Android games. The BlueStacks product magically lends the smartphone's gaming sensors -- think accelerometer -- to the stationary device and turns the phone into a remote game controller. A person can play any of their favorite mobile games on their television set with all of the same game mechanics intact. Essentially, BlueStacks has recreated the Wii U experience and eliminated the need for a separate console altogether.

"Our vision is to deeply integrate the phone across all of your devices big and small," BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma told CNET.

A press representative for BlueStacks said the product teased today is still pre-alpha and will be launching in a couple of months as part of a more comprehensive cloud-based service.

During today's demo, BlueStacks showed off a few other features that will be included in the cloud offering. Android device owners will also be able to send and receive their SMS messages on their PCs, as well as view all of their mobile applications on their desktop computers.

The gaming product is the real game changer, pun intended. BlueStacks could radically shake up the gaming industry as we know it. Brian Cho, partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, an investor in BlueStacks, said that one of the most distributive trends in gaming right now is the flip with the big screen becoming a person's secondary screen, and the tablet or phone turning into the primary one.