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Bluelounge makes hiding cables clean, modern

Bluelounge, an LA-based design studio, is bringing sleek and clutter-free designs to CES 2010.

Can you say "ahhhhh"? Bluelounge

Until all gadgets go wireless, you'll have cables to deal with. Bluelounge--an LA-based design studio--realizes every device comes with a cable (or two), so it's created products that organize cables that help to defeat their everyday annoyances.

Bluelounge studio's Melissa Sunjaya and Dominic Symons do more than design furniture and accessories. The internationally recognized artists have designed Web sites, interiors, footwear, fashion accessories, and other products that benefit from a contemporary look. Their designs are distinct and inspire clean and happy feelings.

Minimalists will enjoy the StudioDesk, a work space with a cubby to conceal unattractive wiring. Most desks come with a hole to shove wires out and into an outlet, but the StudioDesk runs just one wire from the desk to the wall. Bluelounge's other items that carry the same utilitarian feel include sleek charging stations and portable cable organizers.

The anticlutter movement may just be the beginning for Bluelounge. Check them out at CES 2010 to find out what's on the drawing table for this first time CES exhibitor.