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Blueberry comes packed with spider nest in most horrifying breakfast ever

Most Reddit users find these photos to be berry disgusting, but blueberry farmer claims buggy fruit likely wasn't dangerous.

Found this among a new pack of blueberries. Burned the rest naturally. What was in here? from whatsthisbug

Ah, blueberries. A healthy little low-calorie superfood that you just want to pop in your mouth or sprinkle on your cereal and -- OMG WHAT IS THAT GAAAH NOOO MY EYES MY EYES KILL IT WITH FIRE!

A post from Reddit user bsegovia to the subreddit whatsthisbug last week might just put you off fruit, or all food, forever. Photos show a blueberry that appears to have been hollowed out, "Alien" style, and made to serve as a host for a creepy webby spider nest, though no spider mamas or babies appear in any of the images.

Reddit user breathfresh, identifying him or herself as a former blueberry farmer, claimed the bowl of SpiderBerry Crunch was harmless, writing, "Totally normal to find that in a organic quality farm once in a long while as bugs are natural and if they can live then it is a sign that healthy life is there. just chew it up and it all tastes the same."

Surrrrrre, that's what our alien soon-to-be-spider overlords WANT you to think. Take off and nuke the entire produce section from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

(Via Mashable)