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BlueAnt shows off the V1 voice-controlled headset...again

BlueAnt shows off the BlueAnt V1, which was seen at CES 2008 as well.

BlueAnt V1
BlueAnt V1 BlueAnt

BlueAnt is mostly repeating its CES lineup at CTIA this year, so we won't belabor you too much with old news, though we do want to go into further detail on the BlueAnt V1. If you'll recall, the BlueAnt V1 is what BlueAnt is calling the world's first voice-controlled Bluetooth headset. It uses "BlueGenie" technology, which involves a system of voice recognition and voice synthesis to recognize the voice without a lot of training. Some of the voice commands include the expected "Answer Call" and "Redial" but our favorite is probably "Goog411" which will automatically connect you to Google's 411 service. I believe only English is supported at this point, but according to BleAnt, they plan to incorporate more languages in the future. It also boasts dual-microphone technology plus voice isolation, which would reduce environmental noise and protect against wind noise as well. It'll be available for $119.