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Voracious sea monster invades your dinner plate

Watch out. This sea monster is out to destroy humanity -- and your meal -- in Calamityware's latest geeky Blue Willow-themed dinnerware.

These awesome plates will make your next gathering a bit more awesome. Don Moyer/Calamityware

From a distance, designer Don Moyer's Calamityware plates look just like any old Blue Willow scenes, but up close you realize he's inserted giant robots and flying monkeys to his science fiction-inspired take on the modern Blue Willow porcelain dinnerware. With his newest creation, unveiled earlier this month, he's added a voracious sea monster hellbent on ravaging some unsuspecting human.

The awesome plates are sure to impress at your next geeky gathering, though be sure not to leave your food unattended. That sea monster looks like he'll devour your slice of pie in addition to humanity.

Moyer's latest creation is available as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where the plates are currently going for $25 a pop. If you're also interested in rounding out your collection with the giant robot or flying monkey plates, you can do so on the Calamityware online store.