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Blue Wave updates complete the Samsung P2

Samsung is relaunching its P2 MP3 player as a complete package--with all firmware preloaded--at a lower-price point.

Click for pics and detailed info on Blue Wave.

When Samsung launched the P2 late last year, it was already a pretty cool device. It impressed me with a super slick interface (albeit touch screen), plentiful features (including stereo Bluetooth-streaming ability), and some of the sweetest sound to hit my ears in the history of MP3 players. Who knew then that the P2 was only three-quarters baked? Actually, it wasn't too tough to figure that out--the inclusion of a built-in mic with absolutely no usability was a dead giveaway.

Fast forward 10 months later, and Samsung finally has a complete P2 on its hands. The company issued update after update in the form of multiple Blue Wave firmware releases, and the tide has finally stopped coming in, giving me a chance to sit down with the player and test it with all features up and running. Samsung will also be relaunching the player as the P2+--with all the firmware fully loaded--starting September 14. Attractive new pricing will accompany the player as well: $149 and $179 for the 4GB and 8GB models, respectively.

Included after the jump is a comprehensive list of all the updates provided throughout the Blue Wave firmware releases. For more detailed information on several of the new features and my experience with them, check out our slide show. There was simply too much information to include in the already lengthy review, although it is worth noting that the feature additions and price drops garnered the Samsung P2 a score raise, from 7.7 to 8.0.

  • Support for AAC audio
  • Bluetooth cell-phone connectivity
  • Bluetooth file-transfer capability
  • FM radio recording
  • Voice recording
  • Support for Starz Play video downloads
  • Two new games: Alggagi and Omok2
  • New GUI themes (for a total of 12, see above)
  • A-B-looping functionality
  • Playlist-specific DSNe-assignment ability
  • Increased audio-playback speed-control
  • Video-playback speed-control
  • Calculator
  • Full-screen album art and info
  • Password protection
  • Navigate by album art
  • Separate, customizable video-display settings
  • Advanced touch sensitivity (such as recognizing the twisting motion)
  • Subway maps