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Blue screen of death--c'mon, it's funny!

BSOD T-shirts, mouse pad reprint the blue screen of death.


Most of us have, at one point or another, been confronted with the ominous blue screen of death, that dreaded block of text that lets you know your Windows PC has encountered a serious system error and--to put it scientifically--you're probably massively screwed. According to the rules of computing, the BSOD generally appears when you're composing some life-altering document--on deadline.

Instead of tossing your computer out the window or crumbling in a heap of despair, why not enjoy a good chuckle over your ill fortune? In the spirit of laughing in the face of life's travails, is selling sweatshirts, short-sleeve T-shirts and mouse pads that reprint the blue message screen in all its aggravating glory. The goods include a personalized message with the luckless computer user's first name (Have a nice day, Bob!), as if speaking directly to that person in a sneering act of fake friendliness.

In your face, BSOD.

(Via Chip Chick)